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Raw Milk

Raw Milk

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Milk as mother nature intended. Desi Milk is the only dairy in California licensed to sell raw sheep milk, and if you've never tried raw sheep milk, then skip your latte, your martini, your favorite indulgence this week, and indulge in this. It's pricey, but worth every penny. Even if you don't digest dairy very well, you will be shocked by how well your digestion will be able to handle raw sheep milk. Rigorously tested to the highest standard, this milk is beyond safe: it is nurturing and life-giving. 


The goshala cow milk refers to a special form of herd-keeping that centers around harmlessness. Old dairy cows are given pasture into old age, beyond their productive age, and the males are given away for free. They are likely still slaughtered and eaten, but the dairy does not profit from this in any way. Perhaps still an imperfect system, but certainly the best system that we could find. 

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