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Bulk produce

Bulk produce

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Whether you're obsessed with some particular fruit or vegetable, or you're just looking to do some canning or pickling, you can order produce in bulk here. 

If you don't see the item you are looking for available here, please send us a message, and if the item is in season, and not a root or a seed, we can probably make it happen. 

#1 Tomatoes are 12lbs boxes: can be heirloom, early girl, cherry or a mix

#2 Tomatoes are 10lbs boxes: can be heirloom, early girl or a mix

Apples are 40lbs boxes. There are about 20 varieties available over the course of the season, which particular variety is available changes every week or two. Please inquire for more details. 

Berries boxes include 12 baskets. Usually blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are available. Please indicate preference at checkout. 

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