My name is Konstantin, and I'm obsessed good food food. I believe eating is one of our most intimate acts. Our society puts a lot of emphasis on the homes that we live in and the clothes that we wear, but food is something that we actually put inside of ourselves, it is even the building blocks with which we build ourselves to become who we are. For me, in the material world, there is nothing more important. The concepts of food and people are inseparable. 




I am obsessed with quality and freshness. I'm just gonna say it: grains are fluff. It's filler food. And meat... well it's death-based nutrition. While meat can be very substantive, it has a downside. Here in California, we are truly blessed: we have the opportunity to eat such a variety of quality and incredibly delicious produce that it is simply a crime against humanity to do any less. 

Food has profound effect on our moods and how we flow through life. It can make us sad, groggy and contentious, or it can make us joyous, uplifted and kind. I don't think that most people realize the degree to which our food affects the baseline of our experience. Rather than try to explain my philosophy to people and convince them of this importance, I have decided to build a business that simply brings the goodness to you. This is my sly and underhanded way to try to make the world a better place. I invite you to join me on my mission and experience firsthand the joy and love that comes from eating a fresh and copasetic diet. 




Also, here's a couple of articles that SFGATE wrote about me. Disclaimer: with my shift from working with offices to individuals, I've had to swap out my bike for a Prius -- a sad but necessary reality. And I've also rebranded from Fruitrollup to Spirt Fruit Co.